Whether you require the highest standard of compliance, an audit for your business, or just bookkeeping assistance, we can help.

Business Analysis 

Our suite of Consulting services and trusted advisors are ready to support you from business startup, accounting services and financial analysis to preparing your personal or professional future. We recognize that for your complex consulting needs, a one-size-fits-all solution won’t work.

We begin by listening to you and then working with you and your business to help ensure we resolve your points of concern methodically.

    Company Secretarial

It’s a myth in businesses that one size fits all. The Companies Act of 2008 includes about 60 alterable clauses many of which describe the divisions of powers between office bearers and shareholders.

Although less costly to set up, an off the shelf business does not allow for the unique requirements of a company setup from new.

We give all of our clients a registered office (peace of mind) facility. This facility provides the company with its formal notice service address and a repository for its statutory records but, most significantly, it guarantees the prompt management of the statutory obligations.

Our Administrative Services include: 

  • Establishment, Registration & Modification of Companies, Close Corporations & Trusts 

  • Preparation of Minutes & Resolutions 

  • Management of Statutory Records Modifications & Registration of Statutory Information at CIPC 

  • Registered Office Facility 

  • Statutory Registration

  • Deregistration of Companies, Close Corporations & Trusts

  • Submission of Annual returns for companies and Close Corporation

Accounting Services


The prompt and reliable distribution of financial details to our clients is a responsibility which we believe can not be compromised. Relevant, well-organized financial reports ensure that day-to-day business activities are operating more effectively. Our business offers a wide variety of cost-effective accounting services including:

  • Setting up of an accounting framework for new companies

  • Bookkeeping (Monthly / Quarterly / Annual)  

  • Computerized payroll systems 

  • Preparation of corporate tax returns (Sales & Use / Company Property)

  • Corporate financial statements.  

  • Personal financial statements 

Payroll Services


As a company expands, it has to recruit more employees, which can lead to increased administration of the payroll. We will help you enforce the required checks to ensure a consistent, secure and successful payroll system. Our firm may also assist you in the implementation of a payroll system and in the timely preparation of all required payroll tax returns.

Our Payroll services extend across Africa.

We offer the following standard services: 

  • payroll and salary collection, including preparation of payslips 

  • All business reconciliation and other deductions 

  • Compilation of all payroll-related reports 

  • Allowing statutory and sundry payments, such as PAYE, UIF and SDL 

  • Preparation of IRP5 certificates and two-year reconciliation of PAYE deductions 

Tax Services


Paying taxes is unavoidable. Income tax has become increasingly complicated, and punitive penalties have been imposed for failure to comply (required taxes have to be paid on time).

Yet there is more to taxation than just compliance. By optimally structuring your affairs and investments, you can save large sums in income tax, capital gains tax, and estate duties legally.

We recognise the effects that taxes can have on eroding your wealth, and that is why we offer a wide range of tax support services for both compliance and tax planning. We are seeking to take a constructive approach to tax infrastructure, rather than reactive. By keeping tax legislation up-to-date, we are able to recognise key opportunities for tax preparation that mitigate your tax liability now and in the future.

  • Tax Compliance

  • VAT

  • Tax Planning

Auditing / Financial Reviews 


Throughout the financial reporting process we see our position as an opportunity to provide practical solutions to improve the productivity and efficiency of your business. Audits vary from reports and compilations, because they are an extensive audit of the processes and documents that offer the highest standard of security for the company.

High-quality audit services, incorporate sector experience, practical specialisation, and the ability to drive continuous technical development. We bring this all to our audits.

An audit could: 

  • satisfy stakeholders such as workers, consumers, suppliers and labor unions with regard to the integrity of published information; 

  • encourage prompt and correct payment of corporate and personal taxes, VAT and other taxes thereby avoiding interest, fines and investigations; 

  • assist in compliance with bank agreements; 

  • assist in deterring and detecting material fraud and errors;

  • Facilitate the buying and selling of companies; 

  • facilitate BBBEE transactions