Accounting services for every Industry

Industry-focused services and solutions, position your company for growth on a global marketplace


Campbell & Co offers customized strategies to help businesses in the area of energy and natural resources thrive in a competitive market. If you need tax expertise or advisory services for company valuations, mergers and acquisitions, ERP strategies and succession planning, we combine energy accounting, asset management and consulting service to take your business in the right direction.

Our clients include companies specializing in the oil and gas industry as well as power utility and alternative energy industries.

Our depth and breadth of services help you avoid the cost of managing multiple sets of advisors and concentrate on what you do best – building on your success.


All projects need people with the right skills, working together, collaborating, and looking to the next goal. Your business is no different. With have customers of all sizes in the property sector. Body corporates, construction etc.

We offer service such as audit, advice, tax, risk and efficiency


Think of us as a one-stop shop for the financial needs of the cinema industry. We provide assistance to producers, special effects companies, post-production companies, actors, and film businesses.

We can assist you:

Film Reward Scheme Administration Discounting

Tax and VAT Enforcement applications for businesses, artists and film entrepreneurs Evaluating contracts

Project Funding guidance and introductions

Planning and auditing annual financial statements

Support for film companies with foreign needs

Manufacturing & Distribution

The market continues to become more dynamic and competitive, even as producers and distributors witness renewed confidence in their economic outlook.

If you are trying to control costs and core daily process issues, or explore options for capital planning, we will support you. Our trusted advisors have tailor-made solutions that will help you simplify your life and build on success.

We provide audit, accounting and tax services, as well as liance, mergers and acquisitions, company valuations, technology strategies, international tax and succession planning advice. Additionally, our Big Data and Benchmarking analytics tools provide useful knowledge to help companies reduce costs and boost results.


Owning and running a restaurant, casino, hotel or golf course needs considerable business experience and knowledge of tax law.

Smart financial analysis and planning often include the balancing act of managing inventory and labor costs. Anything from tip credit enforcement to tax audits is necessary to take up all of your time.

We help you make educated choices and manage your tax burden, our trusted advisors combine reliable, understandable knowledge with smart planning.

We support businesses by finding opportunities and resolving their specific criteria for accounting, insurance and tax compliance, as well as offering various advisory services.


With Our Charity Experience, push your goal and plan for the future.

You carry your passion, your imagination and your heart to push your project, day in and day out.

It’s no easy job to make a charity succeed, though, and everyone could use some support now and then.